Our Beginning

Two Nations Together established in October 2018 when our three directors were meeting in Malaysia, they have same vision to establish a creative and innovative company.

To realize their vision, the three of them formed a company called "Two Nations Together (TNT)". A company that running in the business field of manufacturing, branding, and distribution.

Our company has a climate of working creatively everyday, and work with high spirit, also wholeheartedly. We are committed to providing the best service for clients and all stake holders.

Our company has a vision to become a large, multinational, and growing company, especially in Indonesia and Asia for now. We believe with combined our 5 (Five) Core Values, and our Mission we can realize our vision.

Our Company Cores Value

TNT have 5 (five) company cores value :
"Have High Standard"
"Think Creative"
"Present High QoC"
"Great Customer Service"

"Become a large, multinational, and growing company, especially in Indonesia and Asia."

To realize our vision TNT have mission:
"Making Perfection, Delivering Result"

Company Culture

Our company has a unique work culture. Our employees are required to be creative, and thinking out of the box every day, according to their respective job descriptions. Fun, is a must in our company, with these fun working conditions, it will produce a creative mind.
Teamwork is a value that is highly preferred by our company. By working in a team, our company guarantees that we have a creative, hard-working and responsible team.

We Are Creative

Our Clients

This is the brands that we have built, where we have cooperative relationships with several brand owners in Indonesia and Malaysia.
We have sucessfully built e-liquids brand, such as JUJU, CANDYMAN, EXOTIC, and WOODMEN.
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